As I was going through a box of files in Burma, I came across some old photos from 2008. Fifteen years have passed, and so much has changed – in large part because of all the support of Metta In Action friends from around the world. It brought so much joy, to see the tangible results of all our – your – generosity!

So for your inspiration…how it started/how it’s going:

Sasanasukhacari Laputta Nuns, 2008. The shadow in the background is the precariously leaning side of their bamboo building, damaged by Cyclone Nargis.

Sasanasukhacari Laputta Nuns, 2022, Nuns heading to high school with their schoolbags over their shoulders, in front of their comfortable and secure two-story brick building.

Appamada Nunnery, Daw Sumanacari with family and helpers with the hostel and water tank rebuilt after Cyclone Nargis, 2008:

Appamada Nunnery and the thriving school Daw Sumanacari has built there, 2022:

These changes and many more in other nunneries have come from 15 years of steady support – long may the work of these very special women prosper!

Ayya Viranani

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