Another Set of Wheels

Just before Ayya Virañani left for Europe, we offered a wheelchair to one of the older nuns at CMMC. She has lived for many years at both Chanmyay Yeiktha and our centre, helping yogis in innumerable ways. But a few years ago she had a mild stroke, making walking difficult. All this time, through Covid until quite recently, she has bravely and patiently made a couple of rounds of the compound each day just to keep mobile. In the last months she has been increasingly weak and unable to walk much – so she has no longer been able to be part of the community. After we bought the wheelchair for the youngster from Thaleba, we realized that we could also buy one for Daw Janesei. The result has been so gratifying, a truly joyful thing. Now Sayalay Janesi is part of the wider world outside of her room, able to meet people and enjoy the garden again. It is heartwarming and beautiful to see!

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