2019-2020 Donations are Underway

We – Ayya Virañani and Marjo, who are now in Yangon –  are thrilled to begin distributing your donations from this year. It brings us great joy to be the conduits and messengers of your metta, knowing that whatever you have offered will be of great benefit for many beings.

This year we intend to be more active here. So  as we distribute your donations we will from time to time be posting stories that touch us, so that you can see what we are doing as we are doing it!

And just a reminder – Ariya, Carol, and Greg will be coming to continue our work on your behalf in December and January. So if you feel moved to offer a donation in before the end of the year, they are still able to receive your Metta In Action – you can contact them through our email address.

Boundless thanks for your kindness and well-wishing from the many people your donations support!

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