Adding Kindness to the World

Marjo is on her way home, after a whirlwind few days of visits and donations. The visits we make this time of year are as much a joy as the donations, as we take the time to reconnect, see what’s happening for the nuns, and simply to catch up. For them, this  time after the rains retreat is when building projects begin, and also when those who are studying (for advanced Dhamma degrees or for the 10th Standard) are working hard to prepare for the upcoming exams that happen in December, January, and March.

In the last few days we have offered to several nunneries and monastic schools – and have received so much gratitude. Several of the nuns told us emphatically that there is no way they could have accomplished what they have without your ongoing generosity. In 2008, many of these nuns lived in tiny bamboo houses, but now they have safe and durable brick dwellings. Where there were no schools, now hundreds of kids are getting an education. It is a beautiful thing to be part of.

In times like this when it seems that hatred is becoming ‘normal,’ we treasure the chance to act for the benefit of others, adding to the kindness in the world. Thank your for joining us!

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