Sharing, Sharing, Sharing!

Each year we converge here in Burma, bringing donations from all the corners of the world. So in October the ‘MIA Bank’ begins to fill up. And then as the year moves on, we gradually draw down the balance to zero. So yesterday was ‘Zero Day’ for 2019-2020; we joyfully offered what remained (as well as some very generous donations that had come in during the CMMC metta retreat) to Metta Yuwa School near Kyaiaklo Pagoda in Yangon.


It was a joy to ‘breathe out,’ offering every last kyat of our donations to such a worthy recipient. It seemed so apt to be kneeling beneath the enormous green Buddha in Daw Yuzana’s reception room – under the gaze of this beacon of wisdom and compassion – while remembering all the many donations this year. Each person we give to is making a tangible difference to many lives, and each works endlessly for love and kindness, rather than from a desire to make money. So every one of your donations has been food for the heart, for someone.

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Daw Yuzana was especially grateful, as she has just lost three teachers to a private school that could offer them a much better salary. She is sad to lose them, because they will be very difficult to replace: teachers who have both teaching skills and metta are rare! Both are requirements to work there, with metta being equally important as pedagogical skills

Private schools charge a lot of money and can pay top salaries, so of course free schools such as Daw Yuzana’s will never be able to compete. And as the cost of living here continues to go up, teachers will be increasingly hard to retain.

So as long as we can continue, we will keep doing our part in allowing this flow of metta, beginning now to breathe in, and come October breathing out again…

We happily offer a huge “Thank You” from our side, and are joyfully sharing the abundant merit! Together, we all did a good thing, many good things! By virtue of this, may all beings in all directions that they may have happiness and be free from suffering~

Amya, amya, amya, yudaw mukya ba koun lo, sadhu sadhu sadhu! (Sharing, sharing, sharing ~ may all beings partake of this merit! Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu!!)

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