Breathing and Sharing

As I write this at the end of 2021, there seems no end to the global challenge that is Covid-19. Looking back on older posts feels like a visit to another universe, one that was freer, more open, and simpler. Conditions here are of course made even more difficult by events that began unfolding in February this year. All for this has made our work both more necessary and much more complicated. Every step is harder – from getting your donations here to the distribution of them.

Because of Covid, I rarely leave the monastery; donors come here or send someone to receive the donation. So the joy of visiting the many nunneries nearby is one that must for now be put off. But in spite of everything we are pleased to have successfully distributed the generous contributions you sent last year, and I am in the process of distributing this year’s donations. We say this every year, and every year it is true: your generosity is amazing, and needed more than ever. It is safe to say that is more true now than it has ever been.

On the updates page you will find a link to a PDF of our most recent update. We offer our profound thanks and wish you and yours a happy and healthy New Year!

Nuns from Nwe Kwe Nunneries
Dana for a new roof
Sayadaw U Indaka oversees distribution of MIA food dana for villagers from Laudaunkan and Kontalabaung
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